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Here I show my studies, experiments and those brilliant ideas that are still waiting for their moment to shine.
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__ Plano & Plano

A test was carried out for a construction company to simulate a mobile page that provided information about the "Minha casa, minha vida" program (a federal housing program in Brazil that makes it easier for low-income families to obtain properties). The page should contain content on the subject, as well as chat options and an interactive form for the user to make their simulation. Along with the test, I delivered a basic style guide with information and components used in the project.

Style guide

__ Agência B&B

A test for an agency, where I had to redesign their homepage while maintaining the clean, cool look that is the company's DNA. I used and abused of triggers to create a unique dynamism.

Page interaction

__ Cotton

Study of an e-commerce page for the Cotton:on brand. I tried to experiment with the interactions that Figma provides, understanding as much as I could get out of the prototype with overlay, hover and component interactions.

Style guide

__ OrçaFascio

I redesigned OrçaFascio's landing page to convert leads using a form. The lead captured would receive a download of an e-book on construction planning, so it was important that the page showed the content in a visual and attractive way. In addition, a social media carousel was designed to complement the action.

Carrossel para redes sociais
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